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Medical billing services & software to ensure efficiency, profitability, and maximum reimbursement performance.


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Medical Billing Services

Lower your days in A/R and collect more reimbursement... more efficiently than ever before.

Medical Billing Software

KMMS and AdvancedMD allow you to easily streamline the entire practice, or just parts of it.

Seamless EMR Integration

Enjoy a smooth transition! We can facilitate the EMR integration for you in several convenient ways.

Marketing & Web Development

We build secure, gorgeous web sites and provide an impressive array of other marketing services.

Who We Are

KMMS is a medical billing services and software solutions company serving individual providers, groups, and institutions throughout Pennsylvania and far beyond. In fact, over the years we have worked with providers from across the nation to dramatically improve efficiency and profitability.  We serve clients in any specialty or modality and have the experience to back it up. As a potential client considering our services, know that what we can bring to the table is substantial — Total Revenue Cycle Management, customized to your unique circumstances.

KMMS services are highly appropriate for individual providers and groups, hospitals, and other free-standing healthcare facilities such as Surgery Centers, Clinical Labs, Oncology Centers, OBLs, and more.  We represent profitability and efficiency… without headaches or unjustified expense.

Why choose KMMS for your Medical Billing?

Because we are knowledgeable, affordable, secure, and raise customer service to a new level.
You’re going to LOVE the way we do business!

A High-performance Team with Deep Expertise

At KMMS, our medical billing services staff has decades of experience serving providers in a wide variety of specialties and modalities. If you operate within a common medical specialty and require a comprehensive and/or customized medical billing solution, we can do it. If you practice in an uncommon area of medicine and have unique requirements, we can do that too.

Enjoy Unparalleled Technology and Security

Where many billing companies remain ``old school`` with their billing practices, we have evolved to a point where we sit at the leading edge of healthcare technology and security. Our security measures, our software, and our billing practices are all carefully designed to seamlessly deploy for optimal Hi-Tech and HIPAA compliance. With KMMS, your patient and provider data will always be 100% secure.

Experience Unmatched Customer Service

You may not be used to working with a third party who embodies customer service or engenders trust quite like we do. It is no small commitment to put others first, and yet we thrive on doing just that. From our dealings with you and your staff, to the lifeblood of your practice (hint, ``patients!) we are totally invested in providing uncommonly robust customer service at all levels. We don't know how to do it any other way!

Affordability without Sacrificing Performance

Choosing a new billing company is serious matter. Your practice's efficiency, profitability and the ease with which you administer your practice is at stake when making a choice like this. Know that KMMS is highly competitive with other billing solutions you may be considering, and yet we many not be the absolute cheapest. Having said that, we would rather be the very BEST not the cheapest.

Our Billing Model is Results-driven

As it should be, and the results are going to impress! We prove our worth to you every day with industry-leading reporting and billing analytics that give you a deep understanding of your financial performance. When your profitability increases and your days in A/R go way down, the value of implementing KMMS will be clear.

Hundreds of Satisfied Clients

With countless references and testimonials attesting to our stellar financial performance and complete commitment to customer service, you can rest assured that your billing operations are in the best hands. We WANT you to evaluate us based on our past performance so you can see what awaits your practice.
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